A new kind of businesses enter the fur trade

It is fashion week ‘season’ and true to tradition The One Milano fair takes place under the umbrella of Milan Fashion Week - and this year the organisers are spotting a new kind of exhibitors at The One Milano, the largest fur fair in Europe. “This year we have a lot of new companies exhibiting at The One Milano. These are people coming from other textile industries, and we appreciate this because they bring a fresh view on things,” Roberto Tadini, member of The One Milano Board of Directors, says. This year’s fair brings in a total of 393 exhibitors and some 8.000 buyers representing all European countries in addition to buyers from more than 20 countries in Asia, as well as countries in the Americas. According to Roberto Tadini, the exhibitors at this year’s The One Milano reflects a general change in the fur trade in which the traditional fur manufacturers either adapt to a modern style or the business fade away. Combined with the many new companies, the overall impression of the fair is strong before it kicks off Friday 22 February. “The quality of the exhibitors is very good. These are people who understand consumers and have a fresh, cool and more modern view on fashion. The whole fashion industry is changing, and with the millennial consumers sustainability is becoming very important to fashion,” Roberto Tadini says. In an extension of this and supported by Vogue the international fur design competition REMIX 2019 works under the theme ‘Responsibility’. The REMIX show takes place Sunday and concludes a competition counting more than 1.000 design students from 25 countries.