Fashion consumers: the environment is the most important

According to a new survey more consumers care about workers being paid fair, living wages and environmental protection than animal welfare, recycling and local manufacturing. The survey was published in November 2018 and was commissioned by Fashion Revolution, a global sustainability movement dedicated to "change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased". The survey was carried out amongst 5,000 respondents of the biggest European fashion market in Germany, the UK, Italy, France and Spain. According to the survey, the majority of people think it is important for fashion brands to reduce their long-term impact on the world by addressing global poverty (84%), climate change (85%), environmental protection (88%) and gender inequality (77%).  Only 30% found it important that clothing has been produced without harming animals. When it came to the purchasing decisions, 37% of the consumers said that they consider the environmental impact of clothing production before deciding whether to buy or not. In general, the vast majority of consumers ask for more transparency from fashion brands. An overwhelming proportion even think that the government should be regulating fashion brands to ensure that they protect human rights, the environment and are more transparent about their business practices and impacts