Fur Associations Donate Protective Equipment and Funds to Hospitals

Fur farmers in Norway have donated 2,000 pieces of protective equipment to the health sector. "Contributing to the community is a matter of course for us since we have the equipment in stock the community needs. Through our daily work with animals, we know how important good infection control equipment is," said Guri Wormdahl, Head of Communications at the Norwegian Fur Breeders' Association. The donation was forwarded following a request by the Directorate of Health, who made a national call for protective equipment. Usually, the protective gear is distributed to fur farm visitors in Norway, but visits are not allowed at the moment. The 2,000 full-body protection gears are now being put to good use at Akerhus University Hospital in Oslo. Also, the International Fur Federation (IFF) is lending a hand to the community. Early April, IFF distributed a grant of 25,000 euro between hospitals in Italy, Greece, Romania, Canada and Turkey.