LVMH Relies On WelFur for Sourcing Fur

The Luxury giant LVMH describes fur as a "key resource" and commits to sourcing the natural material only from certified farms. In a new annual Environmental report, the luxury group provides WelFur as an example of a recognised European quality standard on fur that is being produced responsibly and sustainably. Sustainable sourcing of raw materials of animal origin is a big part of the sustainability efforts of the luxury giant, which encompass under its umbrella fashion brands such as FENDI, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. This is not the first time when the science-based animal welfare programme WelFur is positively highlighted. Earlier this year, the report on Kering Animal Welfare Standards report mentioned WelFur as a reliable tool to measure animal welfare on fur farms. Besides fur, LVMH wants to work with certified supplies of cotton, exotic skins, leather and wool. Due to environmental concerns, the brands under LVMH are replacing conventional cotton with organic cotton or more sustainable cotton sources through the Better Cotton Initiative. The luxury group is encouraging its wool supplies to adopt the Responsible Wool Standards to ensure the well-being of animals farmed for wool.