Statement on the culling of all mink farms in Denmark

The government in Denmark has made a decision they did not want to, but public safety must come first. Now the Danish authorities must release their research for scrutiny amongst international scientists. The Danish mink production is allowed to continue in the future, but no decisions have yet been made by the mink farmers, who are still in shock over seeing their livelihood being taken away from them. The culling decisions in Denmark and the Netherlands rest on many farms being located close together, and we do not have this situation in other countries. Thus, we do not expect similar measures elsewhere. Mink farmers across Europe have had increased biosecurity since the spring, and experts and public authorities agree that mink farming plays no significant role in the spreading of Covid-19. The current health crisis is sustained by human-to-human transmission. The fundamental demand for natural fur is strong, and the market has reacted to next year’s reduced supply with higher pelt prices. The future is about the circular economy, and long-lasting, renewable products like natural fur are important alternatives to today’s ‘buy and throw away’ culture.