Video: How We Ensure Good Animal Welfare with WelFur

Responding to consumer's demand for more traceability, the European fur sector pioneered a new, modern standard for animal welfare in fur farmed species. WelFur is developed by independent scientists from seven European universities. The animal welfare assessment system works on the principles of the European Commission's Welfare Quality programme. Earlier this year, the European Commission endorsed WelFur as a Self-Regulation and Co-Regulation Initiative, making it the first animal welfare programme in history to be promoted in the Commission’s database of so-called ‘soft law’ initiatives. Recently the international luxury group Kering included WelFur in ‘Kering Animal Welfare Standard’ report describing it as a credible animal welfare programme and certification. Find out how WelFur ensures better welfare for the animals and provides transparency for the consumers by watching the video below: Read more about the fur sector's focus on animal welfare here.