IFF’s Sustainability Campaign Calls For Reconnecting with Nature

Slow down, consume less, and value craftsmanship, detail, and high quality. This is the message in the International Fur Federation's (IFF) new Sustainability Fashion campaign, that buys right into fashion's most pressing problems - the environmental pollution.  In just a few years, the 'buy and throw away'-culture characterising today's fast fashion markets has been put into the spotlight by fashion researchers and NGOs, who say fundamental changes in the production and consumption of clothing is needed to avoid environmental disaster. "There is a need to rewire fashion, to rethink how we consume fashion from both perspectives: as brands as well as consumers. The fashion system has become too fast, too scattered, emotionless, destructive and out of touch. In all modesty, natural fur ticks all the boxes of slow, responsible fashion. Our campaign is about highlighting exactly that," Jean-Pierre Rouphael, Director of Fashion at IFF, said. Fast fashion, driven by overproduction and blamed for lack of environmental responsibility, is often criticised for its contribution to GHG emissions and plastic pollution. Policymakers and sustainability experts are calling for a halt to the current linear model and advocate for  ‘kinder to nature’ and more responsible approach, which is at the hear of  ‘slow fashion.